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Navigating My Crazy

Navigating My Crazy is a podcast for moms to find inspiration as they balance family, life, purpose, and mental wellness; also to end the stigma of mental health and unrealistic societal expectation related to being a mom. We are creating a community so that moms never have to feel alone as we all navigate this crazy thing we call life together!

May 3, 2019

Not only is May Mental Health Awareness Month but this week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week  #MMHWeek2019. Raising awareness of maternal mental health issues is imperative so moms are aware of the signs of ill-health, they are not alone, and treatment is available.
Mental Health Awareness Month 2019 is focused on the whole person and ensuring we are aware of the resources and tools that benefit minds and bodies together #4Mind4Body. 
Announcements: A Real Woman's Worth, An Anthology the will feature my story "The Grace To Move Forward" will be released in May. I am so excited to co-author to share how recognizing my worth brought significance to my life. My co-authors and I will share snippets of stories I know will inspire you on the next episode of the podcast.
May 8-10th I will be apart of "Let's Talk About It" A Mother/Daughter Tele-Summit presented by Teen Talk's Ann Dillard!
Shayla Shaw Empowerment now has openings for our Empowerment Coaching program for moms struggling to achieve goals related to family, life, purpose, and mental health. You can view services and sign up for consultations at
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Thank you so much for listening!