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Navigating My Crazy

Navigating My Crazy is a podcast for moms to find inspiration as they balance family, life, purpose, and mental wellness; also to end the stigma of mental health and unrealistic societal expectation related to being a mom. We are creating a community so that moms never have to feel alone as we all navigate this crazy thing we call life together!

Apr 9, 2019

So often we are encouraged or encourage others to seek "help", but as a mom... what does that mean and how do we do it?

On this episode, we discuss why seeking out help when needed is vital to finding balance in your life and exactly what we should do when we identify the fact that we actually need "help". 

We are joined by Dr. Angela Nichols-Young CEO of both Healthy Minds, LLC and Inspire, LLC. She is has a wealth of knowledge stemming from her background in the education system and as a counselor, but most importantly as a Mom. She shares personal insights, best practices, and the 3-S's required to balance life, family, purpose, and mental wellness for mothers.

Dr. Angela host "Inspire Today" a radio show that airs Tuesdays at 9 AM EST. You can call in to listen and ask questions 1-515-604-9292. She can be found Facebook and Instagram where she #Inspires. 


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