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Navigating My Crazy

Navigating My Crazy is a podcast for moms to find inspiration as they balance family, life, purpose, and mental wellness; also to end the stigma of mental health and unrealistic societal expectation related to being a mom. We are creating a community so that moms never have to feel alone as we all navigate this crazy thing we call life together!

Jun 18, 2019

Being a mom requires late nights, early mornings, and lots of maneuvering and pivoting to make sure that everyone's needs are taken care of. In most cases, it's a full-job within itself. But what do you do with the passion of your purpose that burns deep inside of you? How do you climb the corporate ladder you so desperately want to conquer? How do you turn that hobby you are so good at into a business, when your every moment is accounted for. Now just imagine if, on top of regular duties and responsibilities, your child has a diagnosis that you have to learn, understand, and in turn teach them to manage properly. How do you do it? Support, education, prayer, and taking care of yourself, are just a few of the tips my guest, Shunte Gamble - serial entrepreneur, author, radio host, teacher, and mom of two has to offer. 

Shunte talks about navigating her journey through breakups, career, motherhood, and purpose and leaves a trail of gems for use along the way. You can find more about the work that Shunte does at Women Empowering Change

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