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Navigating My Crazy

Navigating My Crazy is a podcast for moms to find inspiration as they balance family, life, purpose, and mental wellness; also to end the stigma of mental health and unrealistic societal expectation related to being a mom. We are creating a community so that moms never have to feel alone as we all navigate this crazy thing we call life together!

Apr 16, 2019

This episode is dedicated to To'Nia Danielle Jerrell 12/03/2015

Listen in to a powerful interview with TeAra Jerrell about the loss of her daughter, her undiagnosed reproductive disorder and advice for other mothers coping with loss and their support systems.

This episode is being sponsored by LoveLit Candles. They were inspired to support by the amazing impact the Sleep Hygiene Blog had on the 14-year old founder, Hailei, and her mom during standardized testing week!

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